Why Choose TriPro

TriPro provides an outsourced payroll service making the payroll function for organisations hassle free and cost effective. Outsourcing your company’s payroll has many benefits, saving you time, money as well as other valuable resources, provides expert knowledge and professional advice in relation to taxes and regulations, therefore enabling you to focus your time on your core business..

We cater for organisations of all sizes in all industry sectors; no client is too big or too small. At TriPro we can prepare an Outsource Payroll Service package tailored specifically to your organisations requirements, to service all your needs. We understand that organisations are different and a package that may be suitable for you will not necessarily satisfy the needs of another. Our payroll specialists will be able to provide you with full telephone and e-mail support.

The service is easy and simple to set-up, you provide us with all the necessary employee details and we do the rest.

Upon receipt of completed timesheets per payroll schedule we will calculate the correct amount of PAYE, PRSI, USC, as well as any other deductions and or additions that need to be included in the payroll period. These deductions and additions include but are not limited to the following Bonuses, Commission, Expenses, Holiday Pay, Public Holiday Pay, Pensions and Benefit-In-Kind. We process and cross check every payroll period for accuracy. You will also have the opportunity to review your payroll before it is finalised.

We can e-mail you a copy of all employees’ payslips as well as e-mailing employees individually with their respective payslip. We will also provide you with a detailed analysis report of all gross wages, deductions, additions and net pay for each payroll period. We will provide you with bespoke reports for your Accounts department as required. Reports can be customised to suits your needs.

We can process the net payments for employees from the appropriate company bank account to employee bank accounts which can then be authorised by you or we can provide you with a breakdown of payments to be transferred to each employee.

We will register new starters with the Revenue Commissioners on ROS and process P45’s for leavers also. We will provide you with a detailed tax breakdown of your monthly P30 and also of your P35 year end details. If required we can file your P30’s and P35 through ROS for you. Please note will be filing ONLY the returns on your behalf and will not be facilitating in the payment of the liabilities owed by you to the Revenue Commissioners.

Our prices are based on the number of employees, frequency of pay (e.g. weekly, fortnightly, 4 – weekly and monthly) and requirements to process transfer of funds. There will be no hidden additional charges. Our payroll packages are tailored to service the needs of your business. Be assured that all information provided to us, will be held in strict confidentiality.

For a no - obligation quote contact our friendly and professional payroll specialists today.